BLAME OBAMACARE: Tim Griffins solution on budget impasse.

  • BLAME OBAMACARE: Tim Griffin’s solution on budget impasse.

The gap between the House and Senate on the federal, as outlined in this profile of Sen. Barbara Mikulski, seems headed to impasse. That means an increasing likelihood of government shutdown.


Arkansas Republicans in the House are dancing around that subject, particularly Reps. Tom Cotton and Tim Griffin.

For example, Griffin yesterday on Twitter:


GOP Governors and Rep. Tim Griffin agree that shutting govt down not solution to spending problems. Repeal Obamacare! Reform govt!

A spokesman for Cotton, too, continues to frame the problem as Obamacare, not Republican intransigence. That is, Cotton remains intent on voting against continuing support for the Affordable Care Act. The Senate won’t approve a spending plan that doesn’t include the existing health care law.

So will that be the game?


If the government shuts down, it will be Obamacare’s fault, not that of a minority slice of Republican congressmen who refused to approve continuation of an existing federal program?