The line is open. I’ll have something later from Dardanelle on Republican Rep. Tom Cotton’s announcement for U.S. Senate, probably sometime after 7 p.m.

The Democratic Party has already rolled out a punchy one-liner in response, embargoed until he actually speaks. I mean, he could have a change of heart before 5 p.m., right?

But you’ve already seen it in detail on this Democratic Party-sponsored website. In just seven months, Cotton has voted against women, people who’ll depend on Medicare and Social Security, families with sick relatives, farmers, hungry kids and college students. And he thinks that record deserves a promotion.

But, whoa. The Pryor campaign puts some more meat on the bones with a tough, fact-filled release from press secretary Amy Schlessing on Cotton’s voting record. And the video above. And a little snark. Pryor needs to play tough because the Republicans certainly will:

Tom Cotton: Wrong for Arkansas

As Tom Cotton abandoned the 4th District for a shot at higher office Tuesday, Sen. Mark Pryor continued fighting for Arkansas, meeting with VA Secretary Shinseki in Fayetteville about VA backlog on disability claims

LITTLE ROCK — Sen. Mark Pryor’s reelection campaign looks forward to highlighting Tom Cotton’s reckless record of voting against the wellbeing of Arkansas families, students, seniors, veterans, farmers and women.

“I don’t know who Mr. Cotton’s been voting for, but it hasn’t been for Arkansas. When you vote against student loans and against the farm bill and you vote to cut medicare and social security, you’re not voting for Arkansas, you’re carrying someone else’s water,” Sen. Mark Pryor said Tuesday.