Republican Rep. Tom Cotton has resisted to date providing Arkansas media with an explicit answer on whether he’d support a federal government shutdown if Obamacare isn’t repealed or crippled by delay.


But the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has unearthed comments Cotton made on a rightwing radio show that sounds a great deal like support for a shutdown.

“I think that when we return from our August recess in September with our continuing resolution and then in October-November with the debt ceiling, those are important opportunities to strike another blow against Obamacare before that law takes effect, before the insurance marketplaces begin to open for enrollment on October 1 and before they open for business on January 1, and whether that takes the form of trying to defund it or trying to effectively defund it by delaying the core provisions for a year, two years — the individual mandate, the employer mandate, and the insurance exchanges — it’s something that we’re still debating internally but because those are two must-pass pieces of legislation, it gives us an opportunity to try to prevent Obamacare.”

Again Cotton spins a shutdown as the president’s decision, not Congress. In other words, he gets his way on health care or the government shuts down and it would be President Obama’s fault, not his.


The DSCC highlights the remarks by Cotton as a preface to listing the damage that could be done in Arkansas if it happens, particularly in shutdown of SBA lending to small businesses.