• Arkansas Attorney General’s office

Rep. Tim Griffin continued his unlikely run as a champion of public pipeline scrutiny by releasing key documents about ExxonMobil’s faulty Pegasus pipeline.


The Republican’s website today posted three reports. Two are 2010 in-line inspection reports (from Doniphan, Mo. to Conway and from Conway to Corsicana, Texas). The third is preliminary data from an in-line inspection Exxon ran between Conway and Foreman (near the Texas border) just weeks before the March 29 spill that disgorged 200,000-plus gallons of heavy crude across Mayflower, which is in the Second District that Griffin represents. He got the data from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), the Department of Transportation agency.

These reports are stultifyingly technical, but that shouldn’t discourage any spreadsheet and histogram fetishists from diving right in. Griffin’s got his experts on this data and we’re doing the same, via our partner InsideClimate News. We’ll get you that analysis as soon as we have it.


Griffin’s office released a statement that reads, in part,

As I told PHMSA officials when I met with them earlier this month, information from the pre-spill inspections should be accessible to everyone … While I am still going through the reports’ findings, I plan to cover all of this information with technical experts soon, and will continue to do everything I can to make sure the victims of this tragedy are made whole and the drinking water for 400,000 Arkansans remains safe.

The last bit is a reference to the pipeline’s passage through the watershed of Lake Maumelle, Little Rock’s primary water supply. Nearly that many more Arkansans get their drinking water from other watersheds the 1940s-vintage Pegasus runs through.