PARTY TONIGHT: Meet up with the Arkansas Times bloggers at 5:30 p.m. today at U.S. Pizza in Hillcrest. Happy hour prices.

  • PARTY TONIGHT: Meet up with the Arkansas Times bloggers at 5:30 p.m. today at U.S. Pizza in Hillcrest. Happy hour prices.

The line is open. I’m checking out early so I can get to the beauty parlor before the first event of the new Arkansas Times’ membership, chowder and marching society.


Times subscribers — and wannabes or might-bes or even no-thank-yous — are invited to join the Times’ bloggers at 5:30 today and onward in the upstairs party room at U.S. Pizza on Kavanaugh in Hillcrest. Happy hour drink prices. Plenty of B.S. — berry serious conversation — freely available.

Bring questions and Lindsey and I and others will attempt to answer them there and maybe in a post-session blog post.


We’ll try to take some pix and post them for far-flung subscribers, like eL and others.

It is, of course, never too late to sign up for membership with us. Benefits: Regular events such as this. Special deals from advertisers. Early notice of special events, from concerts to gallery tours to special dinners. Unlimited access to the Arkansas, Rock Candy, Eye Candy and Eat Arkansas blogs. Support of a distinctive media voice.


Other news:

* ON THE OBAMACARE FRONT: Thanks to the Kochheads of Arkansas for their pitiful whine about the federal government’s award of more money to organizations that will help funnel people into health exchanges provided under Obamacare. The article is here. Says an additional $1 million is coming our way: 1) $270,193 to Southern United Neighborhoods, a public charity that helps low- and moderate-income people in the ArkLaTex and 2) $7784,745 to the University of Arkansas for a coalition that will try to find the highest level of uninsured — young adults, Latinos, African-Americans, homeless, mentally il, impoverished and disabled.

I couldn’t help but note nearby in the list that the Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile is among those that will receive money to help people get Obamacare. Efforts to fracture support for the legislation with abortion-based fear-baiting clearly hasn’t been a total succcess.

* ARREST IN JACKSONVILLE SLAYING: Jacksonville police have arrested one man and are seeking another in the slaying of LaTravis Morant, 31. As has become customary, Republican legislators are Tweeting and re-Tweeting that the first suspect arrested was on parole since 2011 on an earlier weapons violation. As yet, no indication that he was a parole violator. Again: Some parolees commit crimes again. Sad but true. If representatives want to end parole, they should just do it. And then haul out their taxpayer checkbook.


TOGETHER: See them at Capitol Saturday morning.

  • TOGETHER: See them at Capitol Saturday morning.

* BEEBE TO EMBRACE MIKE ROSS Gov. Mike Beebe will make an announcement with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Capitol. I predict an endorsement on Aug. 17, 2013, six days shy of the date eight years ago when then-Gov. Mike Huckabee endorsed Asa Hutchinson for governor at a Mansion news conference. Y’all know how that turned out. No serious opponent for Ross is expected in the Democratic primary now that Bill Halter has vamoosed (without a trace, I might add). Maybe the Republicans can find a Mike Ross living in a trailer in Amboy to put in the race against Prescott’s Mike Ross. Didn’t they try that once against a younger Bill Clinton?

NO HEMLOCK: I ate GOP bbq sauce and survived.

  • NO HEMLOCK: I ate GOP bbq sauce and survived.

UPDATE: Could there have been a better day to have a party at U.S. Pizza in Hillcrest with access to the upstairs deck and cheap draft beer and wine? I say not.

We had a great opening crowd for our first Arkansas Times’ subscribers monthly parties. And I think we’ll probably seek to expand the horizons in the future in some way. We greeted some old friends and met some old friends in person for the first time.

I even got a gift of a bottle of home-cooked barbecue sauce from a friend of a Republican political consultant. I didn’t run it by one of the royal testers, but slopped it on some Whole Hog barbecue and ate it fearlessly. Good barbecue sauce. I am alive as I eat it.

Also: I grabbed a phone shot and fiddled with it a bit. Below, at left, is a long-time blog commenter. Identify him (by his blog handle — it’s not Citizen One, but he was there, too) and we might dig up a Bill Maher ticket for you.