The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department sent a reminder that a new law takes effect tomorrow that requires drivers to move over for more than police, fire and medical vehicles.

Legislation by Rep. Jonathan Barnett requires drives to also move over for Highway Department vehicles and those of their contractors, utility vehicles, tow trucks and authorized vehicles “displaying blue, red, amber, white, or green lights that are flashing, revolving or rotating.”


Where there’s space, motorist must move to the farthest possible lane or position, or else slow down and be careful. A violation carries a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and six months in jail, plus driver’s license suspension.

“The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department started pushing to modify the existing law due to concern over the safety of our workers. We started hearing from other groups like electric utilities and tow truck operators who wanted protection as well. There was obviously a need, and we were happy to include them,” says Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Director Scott Bennett.


It’s not part of the law, but motorists are also advised to look out if they see Sen. Fireball Holland in their rearview mirror.