Our January 1991 cover featured the New Kids on the Block, examining who might have the Right Stuff among the freshmen in the Arkansas ledge. Those baby faces belong to Vic Snyder, Mike Ross, Jim Argue, Bill Lewellen, and John Pagan.


From John Brummett’s article:

Mike Ross of Prescott is barely 30, a newcomer who cannot deny, though he would like to, that his primary political persona was formed when he was the statewide coordinator for the Michael Dukakis campaign in Arkansas in 1988.

Poor Ross! Same as it ever was, folks are harping on what he cannot deny, though he would like to. Read the whole article here.


In the same issue, then Sen. Mike Beebe ranked as one of the Best of the Arkansas Legislature, as we praised his “stylishly coiffed pragmatism.” On the Worst side — “A reformed alcoholic and lay minister who chews tobacco, [Tom] Collier is a man to be avoided.” And Jerry King was “a preacher and a windbag…His colleagues laugh at him.”