NLR SEARCH: For this truck, as seen in surveillance video.

  • NLR SEARCH: For this truck, as seen in surveillance video.

North Little Rock police today released a photo taken from a surveillance camera that they believe is the vehicle from which a gunshot was fired that killed Samantha Olson, 31, as she was driving at JFK and McCain Boulevards.


The vehicle is a dark maroon Ford F-150 pickup, model years 2007-10. It has tinted windows and chrome weels. Witnesses have said it had a tool box, maybe orange, in the back.

Police haven’t yet decided if the shooting was random, but according to KTHV:


Police Chief Mike Davis said it does not appear that Cass was specifically targeted in this shooting, saying, “I just don’t think there is any other way than that the victim in this case was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Olson, who married last November and was previously Samantha Cass, had a young child in the backseat. She wasn’t harmed and is with her father.

Police are asking people in the area to doublecheck for surveillance camera footage. The truck was westbound on McCain and was believed to have continued to 47th Street and then Camp Robinson before turning toward I-40. An unspecified award fund is being gathered.