The line is open. What better way to end the day than with a video by one of two Arkansans who’ll be competing for Miss America this year? The video above features Miss New Jersey, Cara McCollum of Forrest City, a student at Princeton, University. More details on it here.

The video includes her secret for the swimsuit competition.

The betting line on McCollum winning next month is 12-1, which bunches her with several contestants after Miss Florida as the favorite.


* HIGHER EDUCATION APPLICANTS: The application period has begun for the job of director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Seven applications have been received from around the country, not including as of today, Interim Director Shane Broadway. Thanks to recent legislation that changed requirements for the job, Broadway is now eligible to hold the job on a permanent basis as Gov. Mike Beebe had originally hoped. He will have to apply to be considered.

* INTERVIEW WITH SHOOTING VICTIM’S HUSBAND: Fox 16 at 5:30 p.m. tonight will air an interview with Eric Olson, whose wife Samantha was slain by a gunshot from a passing vehicle at a North Little Rock intersection last week. A brief clip here. And also here: “They robbed a child of a mother and they robbed a wonderful wife.”

* FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE: WHAT IF THE MEDIA REALLY WERE LIBERAL? You might find more reporting about this wonderful list on Daily Kos.