The Wednesday night line is now open. Final words:

* TOO MUCH ACCOUNTABILITY: Benji Hardy at Legislative Digest continues his sharp observation of nuts-and-bolts legislating. He writes about a discussion that indicates accountability — in the forms of reams of reports of various aspects of public school standards — might be becoming counter-productive. The state has created a paperwork colossus, but is it educating children any better?

  • * JOSH HASTINGS CASE: SPOILER ALERT: Judge Wendell Griffen has set a hearing at 9 a.m. Tuesday on a motion for a change of venue (to Perry County) for the retrial of Josh Hastings, a former LRPD officer, on a manslaughter charge in his killing of a youth driving a car out of an apartment parking lot. Will it go beyond venue issues? All I know is that I have been subpoenaed by defense lawyers to testify as to my publication of a remark on this blog that presiding Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen sent me a link to his personal blog post about the Trayvon Martin case and “cultural competency” and the law. I will testify that he did.