Here’s an interesting report from Reuters on the willingness of young people to enroll in health insurance exchanges under the federal health legislation.

Young people do want health coverage and don’t think they’re immune to the need for health care, a survey has found. Participation is important because if too many don’t sign up, premiums won’t be sufficient to cover the costs of those who do.


“Contrary to commonly held beliefs, young adults do want affordable health coverage,” said Dr. David Blumenthal, president of the nonpartisan Commonwealth Fund. The group’s study dispels the notion that young adults don’t think they need coverage because they feel invincible, said lead author Sara Collins.

Up to 82 percent of nearly 16 million uninsured young U.S. adults would qualify for federal subsidies or Medicaid under Obamacare, meaning that affordability is less likely to impede enrollment in health insurance via state exchanges, the study concludes. Those ages 19 to 29 will eventually enroll in large numbers, it predicts, without specifying how many years it could take.