Science helped police make an arrest in University of Arkansas rape case from 2012. From the UA:

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – On Monday, Aug. 26 University of Arkansas Police investigators arrested 22-year-old Cesar Michael Figueroa of Springdale on charges of raping a student last year.

On September 2nd, 2012, the night after the first home football game, a student reported that she was attacked and raped in university parking lot 14. DNA evidence collected during the investigation was submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Lab, a DNA profile was developed at submitted to the national DNA database. This led to the identification of Figueroa as a suspect. Investigators determined the suspect was out of state but due to return on Monday. They made contact with Figueroa Monday and he agreed to accompany them to UAPD for an interview. At the conclusion of the interview Figueroa was arrested, transported to the Washington County Jail and booked-in on a charge of rape. Figueroa is not affiliated with the University of Arkansas.