Has Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington had second thoughts about his announcement to “retire” Oct. 1?

That’s what I’m hearing.

I have calls out to him and others.

Can you rescind a resignation?

The Quorum Court is reportedly up in arms after having put big pressure on Pennington, particularly from Republicans regretful of their enlistment of him to their cause, to end the saga over his drunken resisting arrest escapade at a local nightspot.

UPDATE: Pennington didn’t return my call, but it’s now been confirmed that he sent a letter to county officials asserting his intention to serve out his term, through the end of 2014. The Quorum Court will meet tonight and most likely approve a resolution urging him to resign. The resolution is without legal effect. The offenses to which he pleaded guilty also do not constitute the type of offense for which the state Constitution allows removal. Saline County faces an unhappy standoff. The sheriff should resign. Perhaps the state Republican officials who proudly announced his conversion to their cause and who’ve been largely silent until now will step forward and ask him to return some harmony to Saline County. UPDATE II: Tim Griffin called for his protege’s resignation at 8:55 p.m. last night.

ALSO: Shelli Russell at mysaline.com has all the relevant documents.