As reported here earlier, today is the day Acxiom begins opening some of its data to consumers, who can amend or end access.

The website,, appears to be functioning this morning.

So I gave it a run:

* PERSONAL DATA: Appears accurate, though a birthdate in one listing differs from my actual birthdate that is carried elsewhere. Yes, I vote in Democratic primaries.


* HOME: Pretty close to correct on the details of our residence, though the information indicates there’s still a loan outstanding on our house and, happily, there’s not. I hope the equity is higher than the amount given. (I included a previous home address for search purposes, though it’s been more than 22 years since I lived there.)

* VEHICLE: They aren’t tracking individual cars, just insurance renewal date. At least on the public portion of their data.

* ECONOMIC DATA: By this, they primarily mean credit cards. In addition to many cards, the listing says I have two lines of credit, which is two more than I was aware of.

* SHOPPING: Estimated purchases look low to me, but perhaps this is because I registered in my name rather than my wife’s name. Ellen does the shopping for the most part. It will reveal the categories in which you shop, from sporting goods to clothing, including plus-size.

* HOUSEHOLD INTERESTS: This is a true-or-not checklist of topics from fashion and parenting to travel. Oddly enough, despite a recent surge in travel on cruise ships, some done by Internet, the cruise vacation category doesn’t rate a “true” interest for us. I have indeed used a PC broadband connection, though I’m now on a Mac. An item on contributions disgorged this:

Donate to Charitable Causes,Arts or Cultural,Health,Political,Political – Liberal,Other

Surely the ACLU doesn’t reveal its donors. Who knows where that “liberal” tag came from? Plenty of suspects.


I didn’t find this worrisome — or particularly illuminating. I’ve always been an open book. I can’t tell you how often people have said they wanted to call me but didn’t know how and I’ve responded, “Ever heard of a phone book?”

The deeper issue is what Acxiom and other data compilers and snoopers know about people that they aren’t revealing.

The site seems to work seamlessly. Check it out and report.