The Texarkana Gazette (subscription) says that city board of directors couldn’t reach a decision last night on whether to rehired Harold Boldt as city manager.

This issue isn’t on many people’s radar around the state, but it’s a consuming drama in Texarkana. Boldt was ousted as city manager after blowing up at a Texarkana resident. Then he got a $162,000 payment as traveling money. Then he applied for his job back. Other applicants apparently didn’t satisfy the board. Boldt enjoys some support for being rehired, at least on a transitional basis until a permanent replacement can be found.

There’s a question of whether he has the four votes needed. Mayor Wayne Smith was absent yesterday. The board is going to meet again Thursday afternoon on the issue, an inconvenient time in the minds of opponents of Boldt’s return.

It’s not up there with a drunk, combative sheriff, but sounds like local folks are just as passionate in Texarkana on local governance as the good people of Saline County.


Among those opposing Boldt’s return was former state Rep. Dennis Young, who’s also a former city board member.  He reportedly commented:

“We don’t want Harold Boldt here training our next city manager,” Young said. “Do we want to continue going down this road? If so, then yes. I am embarassed for our city. … Did Harold Boldt look after our city? No.”