The Little Rock Police Department announced today that Officer Jeffrey Harris had been fired for his involvement in a fight in a Fayetteville tavern. 

He was suspended in April after an incident in Billy’s Bar in Fayetteville. Harris and a Prairie Grove officer got in a fight with bikers and Harris pulled a gun. The Prairie Grove officer was fired earlier. Harris has been on paid leave.


The chief cited Harris for pulling a gun without the required serious threat to life or safety; for conduct unbecoming an officer; for dereliction of duty for use of “loud, profane or harsh” language in the presence of the public; for conduct that could bring criticism of the department; for being intoxicated in public, and for giving false statements. Thomas said Harris violated the rules April 12 when 

” … you were intoxicated and became involved in a public disturbance in which you drew your weapon and recklessly waved it at patrons of the bar. You used profane language on numerous occasions and made a racially derogatory statement during the incident. In addition, you made untruthful statements during this investigation.”


Harris has 10 days to appeal the termination. The police won’t release more information on the investigation pending that process.