The line is open. Final notes:

* ARKANSAS ARTIST LAUREATE: Did you know Arkansas had an Arkansas laureate. Thanks to legislation by former Sen. Paul Bookout, we do now. From Jonesboro. Evan Lindquist. See Eye Candy for more.


* TOM COTTON BUDDIES UP TO OBAMA: Guess who was at the White House today, plotting Syrian military action with the White House power structure? None other than U.S. Rep. Tom “Just Say No to Obama” Cotton. Hope he got a photograph with Nobama while he was there. BUT …… If the saber rattling by the president has prompted an international solution to chemical weapons in Syria, as reports this evening have indicated, that could alter the political landscape a bit.

* THE TRAYVON MARTIN MEMORIAL 911 CALL: Another 911 call today concerning George Zimmerman makes news. Here’s the tape of the call itself. News account here.

* ADD A SPECULATION TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S RACE: Three people — two Republicans (Leslie Rutledge and David Sterling) and one Democrat (Nate Steel) — have already declared as candidates for attorney general. A fourth could be on the way — Prosecutor Cody Hiland of Conway. He’s reported to be lining up pledges of support and if a sufficient amount materializes by the end of September, he could be in. If he ever gets through special prosecutorial review of the Republican sheriff in Saline County.


* THE POLICE KILLING OF 107-YEAR-OLD MONROE ISADORE: KTHV posts a raw interview with a housemate of Monroe Isadore. Her police call put the events in motion that led to a SWAT standoff and fatal shooting Saturday evening. Isadore was, she said, “a man that loved to talk about the Bible.” But he was “hostile” Saturday night. “I had to call the police,” she said. “I couldn’t do nothing else with him.”