Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton appeared on KARK’s Capitol View program Sunday morning and defended his support for military action in Syria, a position he currently holds alone among the Arkansas congressional delegation and contrary to majority public sentiment.

Describing Syria as a “broader proxy war” in the Middle East, Cotton says the chemical weapons strike on civilians by the Syrian government and an appropriate U.S. response is crucial to American credibility in the region. If Syria is not punished for its chemical weapons use, Iran could be emboldened to move forward with its nuclear weapons development.

“In Iran, they’re still developing nuclear weapons. So if you’re the supreme leader of Iran and you see the President’s unwillingness to enforce and stand by his own words on Syria, why would he stop what is perceived to be a developing program?” Cotton asked.

Presumably if Cotton is ready to launch missiles against a proxy, he supports doing so against the other forces it represents.