Arkansas has a way to go in joining the rest of the country in treating people of all sexual orientation with equality and dignity — discrimination in employment, not to mention marriage, is still legal here.

But a growing number of people are standing up and giving voice to the desire for and support of equality. 


Central Arkansas Pride and PFLAG Little Rock will hold a Pride Parade at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5, march through downtown and and the Clinton Presidential Center.

Clubs, organizations, schools, churches and businesses are  invited to participate to raise awareness of diversity in the community and promote tolerance and acceptance. Said the organizations:


Establishing a pride parade in the capitol city of this southern state will give us visibility and allow people not only to see the LGBT people present in this city, but the many businesses, politicians, community leaders, and others who are committed to celebrating and supporting diversity and equality. 

Is there any doubt that a growing openness on the part of gay people, their families and friends has supercharged the movement toward acceptance and equality nationwide? It’s harder to fear people you know than people you don’t know.

There’s a $25 fee for participation in the parade. Applications are available at Central Arkansas Pride’s website.