Gov. Mike Beebe spoke in Northwest Arkansas today. He said, according to Tweets from various there, on the current hot topic of public school employee insurance rates:

* He’s not averse to a special session to reduce the rate shock.


* He doesn’t want a special session without a foreordained consensus solution.

* Any solution will require more money.


I haven’t yet seen if he invoked a favorite truism of his — he doesn’t like spending one-time money (current surplus) on continuing obligations.

There may be yet a different way to skin the public employee/teacher health insurance issue, but I’m dubious that includes getting the same or similar coverage for all without a greater annual expenditure by the state.


He did say, however, that he wanted both short-term and long-term solutions, so that would presumably cover the continuing obligation issue.

PS — I noticed that Rep. Justin Harris took personal offense on Twitter at some of Beebe’s remarks. He has a thin skin. He apparently was riled because Beebe explained again what terrible consequences would have ensued had opponents of the private option (they included Harris)  prevailed.

Beebe invoked Harry Truman:

“I never gave anybody hell. I just told the truth and they think it’s hell.”