FISH HAVE FEELINGS, TOO: Demonstrators from PETA showed up outside a meeting today in Little Rock of the American Fisheries Society to make a point that fish are "intelligent, sensitive animals who experience pain and fear when they are hooked or netted and pulled from the water." Brian Chilson

The Tuesday line is open. To close out:

* GUN PART BUSINESS GOING TO FORT SMITH: An announcement was made today that Thermold Magazines, a North Carolina-based business that produces molded fiber firearm magazines, would move to Fort Smith and set up in a local plant to make the parts. Officials said the move would require a $7 million capitol investment and could put 65 people to work.

* HOUSING SALES UP IN ARKANSAS: The Arkansas Realtors Association reported a big jump in home sales in the state in July — the number of sales was up 19 percent statewide in the counties the association monitors and the average price was up by 1 percent. Full reports here.

* NO DELAY IN DESEGREGATION TRIAL: Federal Judge Price Marshall ruled today that he wouldn’t delay a scheduled Dec. 9 trial in which the state of Arkansas hopes to be released from making desegregation payments to the three Pulaski County school districts. The Little Rock School District and lawyers for black families had asked for a delay.

* MENINGITIS SURVIVOR TO LEAVE HOSPITAL: Kali Hardig, the 12-year-old who nearly died from parasitic meningitis, is to be released tomorrow from Arkansas Children’s Hospital.