The Arkansas Department of Health says that two people from Arkansas have been confirmed to have been infected with swine flu. The Department of Health and the CDC said that the two patients involved have recovered from the virus, which sometimes spreads to those who have frequent contact with hogs, but which cannot be spread through eating or handling pork.  

“A few times a year an animal variant of the influenza virus is identified in humans,” State Epidemiologist Dr. David Haselow told Fort Smith’s 40/29 TV. “Viruses of this type typically cause only mild illness in those affected and, in contrast to seasonal flu, are not easily transmitted from person to person.” 


Depending on the strain, swine-to-human flu such as the H1N1 virus can be particularly deadly, even to those who are young and healthy. pandemic outbreak of H1N1 in the fall of 2009 claimed 32 confirmed victims in Arkansas, and 2,290 nationwide.