Lindsey had to leave early so no podcast tonight, sorry folks. Closing out, the line is open… 

*FREE TIMMY: Opinions run hot on Obamacare. We get that. But you can’t just go around appropriating movies about lovable whales just to advance your political agenda.

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin
decided to step over that line, using a Free Willy poster to make a boilerplate anti-Obamacare argument. Buzzfeed asked Jason James Richter, the film’s star, what he thought. Via Twitter, Richter responded: “I think it’s terrible. To[o] many thought[s] to convey in 140 characters.” Then: “Shameful comes to mind though. The film holds a special place for a lot of people. To use the iconic poster image to further a political agenda is shameful.” Okay, kind of a weird reaction! But you know what’s really weird? Our Congressman decided to send a haughty response:


Thus breaking the well-known Hollywood rule: YOU DO NOT WANT TO MAKE JASON JAMES RICHTER ANGRY. 


Oh snap!

You can read more on this saga, if you really want to, here. No comment as of yet from the surviving relatives of Keiko the orca


*OPPOSITION TO HOG FARM CONTINUES: We’ve mentioned the fundraiser at the house of former U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder to raise money for the effort to oppose the hog farm on a major tributary of the Buffalo River. It took place last night. More than 200 people attended and they raised more than $17,000. In addition to Snyder, former U.S. Rep. Ed Bethune spoke at the event. 

We mentioned earlier this week that Blue Hog Report had an item on issues with Chad Niell‘s licencing requirements regarding services his business had contracted to the state Correction Department. Keith Emis, Niell’s campaign manager for his run for Paul Bookout’s Senate seat, claimed on social media and elsewhere that Blue Hog blogger Matt Campbell was making a mountain out of a molehill and that the post had multiple factual errors. Now, Blue Hog strikes back.

*GAS IS PROLOGUE: Speaking of Blue Hog, the legislative audit of Lt. Gov. Mark Darr is underway,” as part of the normal course of doing business” per Rep. Kim Hammer, co-chair of the Legislative Auditing Committee. Will they cross-reference campaign expenses with charges to the state? We won’t hold our breath…