Lost in the understandable attention to University of Arkansas misdeeds yesterday at the legislative audit committee was the release of another in a series of ongoing reviews of athletic spending by Arkansas public school districts.

Generally, the 50 districts reviewed seemed to be doing a better job of more accurately accounting for how they spend dollars in sports. This rotating review grew out of a push by a former school board member in Clinton for failure to adequately consider all the money spent on sports in teacher salaries, facility maintenance and the like.

Lonoke was the most out of whack this year in terms of an adjustment needed to its budget.


But I’ll pull out for you the top four school districts in terms of spending per average daily enrollment:

Quitman, $1,117 per student, or 12.5 percent of total budget.

Jessieville, $577, or 7.4 percent

Fountain Lake, $503, or 4.8 percent

Rosebud, $498, or 6.9 percent.

Rep. Westerman,  how about those Fountain Lake Cobras?