Max here. Back after a 6 hour, 20-minute drive from St. Charles and Howard in New Orleans to my front door. Can’t beat that. At least not without risking lots of tickets.

While I was on the road, I got an e-mail response from Dr. David Hopkins, superintendent of the Clarksville School District. I mentioned him earlier today in a post about the unsettled nature of the question of school districts arming staff. Clarksville is back on go, with 14 employees licensed to carry guns on campus. He responded on whether his plan was in place. But he didn’t respond directly about my question on whether he’d seek to complete the registration process for 7 or 8 additional employees who were in the licensing process when it was shut down. He said:

Yes, the 14 that have a commission started their security detail Friday. We are working with legislators to create a better system that will set a high training standard yet allow the local school board to decide if they want armed security and who they want on the security team. Thank you for your fair coverage of this issue.