Jury selection began today for the retrial of Josh Hastings, a former Little Rock police officer, for manslaughter in the shooting death of Bobby Moore Jr., 15. Hastings was investigating car burglaries in an apartment complex parking lot. He fired on a car driven by Moore, who was killed. Police investigators determined deadly force wasn’t necessary in the case and that Hastings hadn’t told the truth about events that night. He’s been fired.

His first trial was declared a mistrial after a jury hung up, reportedly 9-3 in favor of conviction.


As promised Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen has taken control of questioning of juror questions. He’ll be asking some involved questions about the law of the case. Both the defense and prosecution aren’t happy about the judge’s decision on the jury voir dire.

David Koon will be checking in periodically. About half the potential jury panel of 40 people indicated in court they knew nothing about the case.


Afternoon questioning is moving slowly as the judge is questioning at the bench each of the 20 jurors who said they’d read or seen news accounts of the first trial.