The evening line is now open. Finishing up:

* HEAT RISES FOR US BOSSES: The fired UA spokesman, John Diamond, says he’s supplied names of witnesses to an order by Chancellor David Gearhart to trash records of financial problems in the advancement division, a charge Gearhart denies. Let’s get everyone under oath. Ask, while they’re at it, about the FOI violations at UA Board of Trustees meeting I outlined this morning.


* PRYOR SINGS JAY MOODY’S PRAISES: U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor introduced Circuit Judge Jay Moody today to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is reviewing his nomination to a a federal district judgeship in Little Rock. An “exceptional judge and outstanding individual,” Pryor said. Moody isn’t expected to face any opposition, but wrangling over other Obama judicial nominees and other matters always hold peril for even non-controversial matters in today’s hyperpartisan environment.

* LR NATIVE GETS TRADE POST: Clark Jennings has been named chief of staff to the director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, which works to facilitate foreign trade.Local business people hope his Arkansas knowledge will fit with efforts her to establish a local international development initiative with a focus on technology companies.


* ROCK CITY TIMES ROCKS IT AGAIN: Little Rock’s Onion, Greg Henderson, does it again. His spoof of a supposed brawl between Fox 16 and Channel 4 weathermen went national. Here’s the original.

* STATE DEFENDS LAW TARGETING HOPE DOCTOR: Report here on the state’s defense of the law that effectively singled out one person, Dr. Lonnie Joseph Parker of Hope, to prevent him from receiving Medicaid reimbursement because he was convicted of possessing child pornography. He’s practiced for at least seven years without incident since serving a sentence he vigorously — and still — contests. The state says there’s a public interest in preventing Parker from interacting with young patients. But it also argues that the law doesn’t prevent Parker from practicing medicine — only from getting Medicaid money. The bulk of his practice came from Medicaid. Some of his patients have joined him in the sit.

* BACK AT YOU, BONO: Bill Clinton, subject of an impersonation yesterday by Bono, returned the favor in an Instagram clip viewable here.