*MAX, OFF NULLIFYING: I’m eager to hear how Max’s day went. He was on a panel at the University of Arkansas Law School moderated by Nate Coulter with Morril Harriman, chief of staff to Gov. Beebe, and Rep. “Bullet” Bob Ballinger (R-Hindsville) on state rights and secession.

*HAYS V. GRIFFIN: The Democratic Party of Arkansas is touting a statement from former North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays, chiding Rep. Tim Griffin’s politics of extortion. Here tis:


“When we found a pothole in North Little Rock, we didn’t shut down the city, we got to work and fixed the problem — but it’s exactly this problem-solving attitude that is missing from Washington politicians like Congressman Tim Griffin. Even on the most basic, pressing issue like passing a budget, Congressman Griffin’s destructive politics are standing in the way of solutions – hurling us toward another government shutdown that would hurt our military service members, seniors and middle class families. It is past time for Congressman Griffin to stop playing political games with our country’s future, stop putting ‘our way or the highway partisan ideology over Arkansas families, and get to work fixing this Washington pothole that he and partisan politics have created.”

PS FROM MAX: Checking in from Fayetteville, where I agreed with Rep. Bullet Bob Ballinger on some points during a talk on nullification and secession at the UA Law School. Yes, I think you can read this Hays’ announcement as possible water-testing for a 2nd District Democratic candidacy. He’s toyed with the idea for years. The last time I asked him he said flatly that he would not, that he was enjoying his grandchildren. But circumstances can change. And the need is great.

*PODCAST: Sorry. We didn’t plan ahead. We’ll be back on it next week. In the meantime, catch David Ramsey on tonight’s “Arkansas Week.” Seeing his Old Testament hair and beard primped for TV is worth tuning in alone.