Republicans keep looking for a message that will resonate and drive down the national numbers that solidly blame them for the government shutdown.

The new strategy is to pass free-standing legislation to fund popular parts of government — national parks, the National Guard, cancer research. U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton even belatedly got the message. Cotton, the destroyer of the food stamp program, has even introduced a bill to continue the WIC program to provide healthy food for expectant and new mothers and young children. This after first giving top priority to ensuring access to concrete monuments in Washington.  Bad optic to favor statues over children. When all is said and done, see how WIC and other food programs fare under Cotton. 

The Senate is refusing to pass these gimmick bills, as it should. The federal budget is not a popularity contest, in which economic terrorists get to pick and choose which government agencies are funded and which are not. The continuing operation of all legally established agencies and services should be approved.

This is but another example of the terrorists’ unwillingness to accept any outcome that is not the end of Obamacare, a law passed three years ago, signed by the sitting president, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and now taking effect, with millions of excited Americans anxious to sign up.


Will the Republicans find a message sufficient to turn their political disaster around. I’d never count them out.