U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton,
the Club for Growth’s delegate to the 4th Congressional District, apparently woke up this week.

He’s decided that even the economic terrorism he led in the House won’t stop the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Too bad he and cohorts like Tim Griffin caused hundreds of thousands of job layoffs and untold other forms of misery in his failed assault. Remember that Cotton was the man who once said we needed this dose of nasty medicine.


Now, it would appear, he’s preparing for the future. In an interview with Channel 4:

“We’ve compromised repeatedly, I obviously supported the repeal of Obamacare and I still would like to repeal that law … repeal’s not gonna probably work when the guy in the White House is still named Barack Obama. That’s why we’ve tried to defund it … we’ve just offered to delay it,” he said.

“Now that the Obamacare exchanges have been open for a few days it’s clear they’re not ready for primetime. We are hearing reports now that they might not be ready for six months. That’s why a one-year delay would be appropriate.”

Cotton is still being dishonest, of course. Delay is defeat. He knows it. Everyone knows it. That’s why it’s not negotiable. He also continues to lie about congressional health insurance. The insurance remains the same as it has been for years, the same deal given anyone who works for an employer that provides group health coverage.