Gee, I wonder who U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor could be talking about?

He responds here to news that the extremist-controlled House won’t approve a bipartisan budget deal crafted in the Senate. He names no names. But he knows and you know that his 2014 opponent, extremist Republican Rep. Tom Cotton was meeting with the doomsday caucus led by Sen. Ted Cruz last night.


“A lot of what you see in the House, you see some Republicans, not all, I don’t want to say this about the entire Republican Party, some Republicans, quite honestly, they’re acting childish about a lot of this,” Pryor said. “They almost want to shut down. They want to see us break the debt ceiling, things like that, very irresponsible. I don’t think that’s where most of the Republicans are, but they’re allowing that smaller group to drive the train. And that’s one of the real problems we have in Washington.”

“So I think we’ll get an agreement today in the Senate,” he continued. “I’m not saying we can pass it today because there’s logistics about drafting and getting it to the floor and the procedural things we’ll have to do. But my guess is, this is just guess, but my guess is we’ll pass something in the Senate tomorrow. Get it over to the House as quickly as possible. Hopefully they’ll pass it shortly thereafter.”