The line is open early. Finishing up:

* SAVE THESE WRETCHES: U.S. Rep. Tiny Tim Griffin proudly retweeted today that the House Republican caucus had sung three verses of the hymn “Amazing Grace” before coming up with a plan to oppose a bipartisan agreement with the Senate and to continue to do everything possible to cripple a health insurance program for millions of Americans. If it’s not patriotism it’s Pharisees-style religion to which scoundrels turn to mask their deeds.


It was left to a godless Democrat to explain to Republicans the roots of the hymn — a slave trader regretful of past actions who wanted the saving light of grace even for wretches such as himself. In the GOP caucus, it was sung by those waging a holy war for greed against the needy.

When we’ve been here 10,000 years, I’m afraid there will still be teabaggers complaining about universal health care for the poor, sick and downtrodden, all the while pounding their chests about how holy they are. They know the words to “Amazing Grace,” don’t they? Isn’t that proof of something?


* I SCREAM/YOU SCREAM: Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, will speak at the Clinton School at noon Tuesday. Since leaving the ice cream company, Cohen has been an activist for organizations such as the Anti Displacement Project. He also helped launch a campaign to stamp messages on currency to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court that gave personhood to corporations.

* UALR CUTS FURLOUGH TOLL: By working on a number of exceptions, UALR has managed to cut furloughs to staff and students from 195 to about 46, according to an internal memorandum. UPDATE: UAF says as many as 100 of its employees could be furloughed this week. 30 have already received notices.


* AND SPEAKING OF UALR: Chancellor Joel Anderson today informed the university community about his plans to implement a new administrative structure that follows a long study. Among other things, it would reduce the number of vice chancellors from 7 to 4 and the number of academic colleges from six to five. He plans a further release of information on Thursday.

* MY MAIN MAN MIKE HUCKABEE: Today, he tells Sen. Ted Cruz fans to “get over it.” Ahhhhhh. But watt a minute. Here’s what may be up: He tells Christian Broadcasting he’s thinking about running for president again. Moderation WOULD be a virtue to the world at large, if not necessarily in a wackjob-dominated Republican primary.

* SPECIAL SESSION REPORT: Gov. Mike Beebe says votes are still short of what’s necessary in the Senate to pass a package of legislation aimed at improving the rates for public school employee health insurance. A spokesman said there are 77 votes in the House and 25 in the Senate (27 is needed for a three-fourths vote on appropriation bills) and work continues.

* DARWIN AWARD NOMINEES: Sure. What better to do while waiting for the Faulkner County Jail to admit you to serve some weekend time on a prior sentence than to swill beer in the jail parking lot, pee on yourself and get arrested for public drunk. (Log Cabin Democrat)