If I were to believe everything I heard at the gym and elsewhere, I’d believe:

* Former state Rep. Linda Tyler will NOT run for Congress from the 2nd District against incumbent Republican Rep. Tim Griffin.

* Former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays WILL run for Congress.


* Polling will show Hays enjoys broad name recognition and a generally favorable opinion, in Pulaski County and beyond. This should not be surprising. He’s been a high-profile, can-do mayor in one of the state’s largest cities, a position that has given him broad exposure in the state’s biggest newspaper and largest TV stations.

It’s not a bad year to run for 2nd District, if Democrats ever are to make a strong race. Griffin should bear at least some wounds for his advocacy of the environment-fouling pipeline industry and for his role in threatening a government shutdown and debt crisis to prevent extending health insurance coverage to millions of Americans under the Affordable Care Act.


Some still hope to encourage Tyler to make a race for state auditor.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: I feel stronger than ever that Patrick Henry Hays will run.