The Wednesday night line is open.

* WHO SAYS NOTHING EXCITING HAPPENS IN CONWAY?: Yesterday from the Log Cabin Democrat police column was two guys getting drunk in the jail parking lot before checking in to serve weekend jail time. Today it’s a local cab driver who fell asleep after a sexual assignation with a woman he picked up at a vacant house and awoke to find his cell phones gone.


* MORE MITCH MUSTAIN: Jim Harris at Sporting Life Arkansas passes on more from former Razorback quarterback Mitch Mustain’s recent visit to Little Rock to talk about a new documentary.

* DUGGARS INVITED TO LEAVE VIRGINIA: I’d missed this excitement. Jim Bob Duggar has been in Virginia campaigning for another Republican wackjob, Ken Cuccinelli. A spokesman for Democratic gubernatorial rival Terry McAuliffe said Duggar ought to pack up and go back to Arkansas after Duggar compared conservatives’ mission in politics to that faced by those who fought the Nazis in World War II. No joke. Duggar said he’d leave if McAuliffe, the favorite, quit the race.


* ADDED TO THE SESSION CALL: Gov. Mike Beebe has added to the special session call a bill to repeal Act 954 of 2013 which set new standards for assessing pollution in streams that feed water supplies. Beebe says this won’t be controversial. Really? It shouldn’t be. But this was Republican Rep. Andy Davis’ very bad idea to make it easier on polluters and was passed over environmental regulator objections. Unfortunately, it ran afoul of federal environmental rules. It was a royal screwup, which now even its supporters can’t deny.