I have some obligations this morning, so some hurried notes:

* BRYANT COPS ENJOY STEAKS IN THE RAW: The Bryant News website apparently broke the news, elaborated on in the Democrat-Gazette this morning, that Bryant Police Chief Mark Kizer and a cop who works providing school security had charged the city for steak dinners at a steakhouse/strip club in Orlando — Rachel’s Adult Entertainment and Steakhouse — during a recent junket. Chief Kizer claims he never peeked and claims he went for the excellent steaks. Strippers perform continuously in view of all tables, workers in the joint say. The spending was dug up by an alderman who earlier unearthed first-class air ticket upgrades by Mayor Jill “Republican” Dabbs and companions on an $11,000 junket to Boston. Dabbs claimed the first class upgrades saved money against what her baggage charges would have been. Which led me to wonder just how many frocks Dabbs had to pack for a League of Cities convention and how she could attend many meetings what with all the wardrobe changes. It’s been nothing but fun since Republican Dabbs took office, along with City Clerk Heather “Republican” Kizer, once married to the gentleman club diner Kizer. Trencherman Kizer also does duty on the Saline Quorum Court with Dabbs’ husband, Allan. Wonder if anybody has checked Saline Quorum Court travel receipts for steak dinners? Another job for the Legislative Audit Division, should it ever turn attention to Republican officeholders. Get your popcorn. The Bryant Council will have another expense account discussion at its meeting Thursday. Last time, Republican Dabbs complained that such matters were better discussed personally with her than publicly.

* TIM GRIFFIN PROPOSES LABOR LAW BREAK: U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin has proposed as one of his final missions in Congress to allow the Arkansas operator of children’s clothing consignment sales to continue to pay part-time worker through discounts on clothing rather than through actual cash. She’s done a masterful job of massaging the public relations campaign on how she’s doing  favor to struggling moms by getting their labor for free. The women themselves do seem willing. So Griffin wants to legalize an exemption for the successful business operator from labor laws. Next: Allow tomato farmers to pay pickers in tomatoes rather than cash.

* KINDERGARTEN CHILD LEFT ON SCHOOL BUS ALL DAY: These stories happen periodically and they always give me a chill. A 5-year-old fell asleep on her bus to school in the South Conway County School District and was overlooked when the bus unloaded. She stayed alone on the bus all day until being driven home and dropped off. She was unhurt.  Fox 16 reports. She was scared — understandably — by her 7 hours in isolation.