I’ve had a long week and I’m thinking I’m going to bug out early. TGIF. To finish up, I share at the top a heartfelt Game and Fish Commission video tribute to a young wildlife officer, Joel Campora, who died attempting a rescue during Scott County flooding. Otherwise:

* A CANDIDATE FOR FAYETTEVILLE HOUSE: There will be 100 candidates for Arkansas House. I can’t get to all of them, but seats with some chance of party realignment hold interest. In that vein: A Fayetteville politico sends me a link to the Facebook page of Candy Clark, a three-term Washington County JP and chair of the Quorum Court budget committee, who’ll be running for House District 84. She’s a Democrat. The seat is currently held by Republican Rep. Charlie Collins, who’s running for lieutenant governor. The pocket of Democracy in Washington County tends be concentrated in the center of Fayetteville, but an experienced politician with a good organization against the right sort of candidate …. ?

* SHORT VERSION OF D-G STORY THIS MORNING: I’d have mentioned this earlier if I hadn’t had other obligations, but this Tweet from Rep. John Baine reminded me:

Rep. John Baine ‏@Baine4Arkansas
We will need to make some choices on our state prison system in the upcoming fiscal session. Do we add 1000 beds or rely on county jails.

Toughening parole will cost money. Lots of it.