Roby Brock reports here on remarks to higher education people by Sen. Mark Pryor and Extremist Republican Tom Cotton, who hopes to challenge Pryor in 2014.

Cotton continues to spin the dishonest talking point that he didn’t want a government shutdown, though his voting record made it happen and though he’s on record in taped remarks saying he was unconcerned with that consequence or a debt default. And he says this even he says he would AGAIN consider shutting down government as a tactic to undo the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Cotton, of course, is guided by the gold that pours out of the Club for Greed into his candidacy. That hate pitching in to help provide health care for all Americans. They hate providing them with food. They hate providing them with subsistence income in return for payroll tax payments.


Mark Pryor found an older guide:

“The one thing that’ll fix the problems we have in Washington is the teachings of Jesus,” he said. “If we would take to heart, and mean it, the Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have them do unto you — that would be revolutionary.”