Roby Brock at Talk Business reports that Nucor Steel, already operating in Mississippi County, has mounted a challenge to state approval of an air permit for startup competitor Big River Steel and the challenge could delay the opening of the $1 billion state-subsidized mill.

Charlotte-based Nucor has challenged the ADEQ-approved permit contending that the application process is marred with incorrect and inadequate data, lack of proper regulatory review, and concerns that air quality standards will be compromised by the project and potential ancillary businesses it may bring to Mississippi County.

Nucor, which has two facilities in Mississippi County near the planned location of Big River Steel, outlined its objections in a 697-page filing.

The challenge could add four months to the startup process, pushing groundbreaking to the first quarter of 2014, an AEDC official said.


Nucor lobbied hard in the legislature to stop state aid for the project. It got only modest state assistance for its operation fears the new competition could be bad for business.

Perhaps a reader can help. My foggy memory is that Nucor got some legislative allowances relative to environmental standards many years ago.