Tuesday’s done and another print edition has headed out the door (figuratively speaking; the pages go digitally now, of course). Some closing words:

* OBAMACARE WORKS: David Ramsey will explain more soon, but the state Human Services Department has announced that 50,000 people have been assigned private insurance coverage through the “private option” version of Medicaid expansion adopted by the Arkansas legislature.


* BOOZE YOU CAN USE: A handful of neighborhoods along JFK Boulevard in North Little Rock vote today next week on whether to allow alcohol by the drink in the dry area.I explained this issue during the summer when petitions were circulating. So far, 83 people have voted early. (Sorry about my discombobulation. I’m pointing toward vacation and trying to clear decks. This election and a state Senate runoff in Jonesboro are both next week. I wrote this incorrectly originally.)

* CHECKS COMING AT ARKANSAS BAPTIST COLLEGE: Shane Broadway, director of the state Higher Education Department, reports progress on the computer snafu and cessation of federal funding that has caused problems this fall for Arkansas Baptist College. He said checks should begin going out tomorrow to the almost 1,000 students who expect some cash living expense support from federal education grants that first go to pay college costs. He said a line of credit had been established so that checks can be written to students and cashed. Broadway said the computer problem at the root of the difficulties still hasn’t been wholly solved. The system works, but slowly when demand is high for information.


* ARKANSAS SCHOOL ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT. The state Education Department today issued its report on which schools are meeting targets on test scores. The summary is here, with links to full reports at the link.

Because of rising targets, 89 percent of schools are classified in some category short of “achieving.” But Commissioner Tom Kimbrell said this masks the good work that’s being done and the rising expectations. The Education Department focused on schools that have achieved improvement targets. 18 schools moved to “achieving” status from lesser categories. The state release said 137 schools were judged to be achieving.


Here’s the state’s release on today’s report.

* MILLION MASK MARCH: Supporters of the hacktivist collective Anonymous participated all over the globe today in the Million Mask March. So where were the Little Rock maskers?