The Little Rock Police Department just released the incident reports on two armed robberies that happened yesterday, one at the Heights Starbucks at 5719 Kavanaugh, and another at the Mabelvale Applebee’s restaurant at 6 Mablevale Plaza Ln.

The Starbucks robbery happened yesterday morning just after 6 a.m. According to store employees, a man wearing all black clothing with a cursive tattoo on his neck came in and ordered a coffee. When a worker walked toward the register to ring him up, the man pulled out a silver semi-auto handgun  and jumped the counter, telling the two employees that if they didn’t give him the money “they would not be walking out of there today.” The man took money  from the registers and the safe, then fled to a silver car parked to the east of the store and headed east on Kavanaugh before turning south onto Fillmore. 

The Applebee’s robbery happened just after 10 a.m. yesterday. An employee who had just arrived at the restaurant before opening was sitting in the parking lot when a suspect approached him and asked what time the restaurant opened. After the employee told the man, the suspect told him “we need to go inside” before lifting his shirt to reveal a silver semi-auto handgun in his waistband and saying he wasn’t joking. The gunman forced the employee inside the restaurant, where he demanded that the man open the office safe. After cleaning out the safe and the registers, the man told the employee to get on the floor, after which the suspect took the man’s cell phone and fled in what police say is a black 1999 Chevy Trailblazer with an unknown female at the wheel. Someone was apparently able to get the truck’s license number as it sped away. The owner of the truck — Dedrick B. Williams, of 2804 Center St. in Little Rock — is listed on the report.