NEARLY GONE: Old Arkla building. Brian Chilson

photographer Brian Chilson snapped this shot of the old Arkla Gas headquarters, which occupied the block between River Market Ave. and Rock St. and 4th and Capitol. Pretty apocalyptic looking, no?

The building is being razed to make way for an 84-unit, $13 million apartment project that Moses-Tucker is developing. The apartments will occupy the south half of the block. Plans for the other half have yet to be announced. McKibbon Hotel Group will build a Hilton Homewood Suites on the north end. McKibbon has already built three other hotels in the River Market.


On the jump, check out another shot from Brian of a demolition project. This one is of the five-story Baker building, built originally as the Fausett Building, going down on University and Markham to make way for a Chipotle. The photo is a bit out of date; all but the east of end of it was gone when I drove by yesterday.