A few of my favorite quotes of the week:

“Malzahn’s vest and visor are the kind of thing you’d see any college guy wearing. So, of course, we all got excited about it and want to wear it, too, because it’s something we would have worn anyway.” —Daniel Musselwhite, Auburn University senior, explaining the popularity of Auburn football coach (and longtime Arkansan) Gus Malzahn’s standard outfit with fans. Apparently, Malzahn sweater vests are in short supply. It’s been a while since I was in college, but something tells me Daniel Musselwhite does not speak for college guys everywhere.

“I may be a redneck, but when someone takes $90,000 of my money, I am mad. Pay me my money. It’s Christmastime, and my kids want the G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip.” —Texarkana plumber Jim Peek, whose Reliance Plumbing filed a $90,000 lien in connection with work done on the troubled Arkansas Convention Center in Texarkana.

“That I get to have Tim Griffin as a congressman. He came through for me both times I needed help.” Wally Hall in his annual “what I’m thankful for” Thanksgiving Day column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (paywall). Because what better way to judge our elected officials than to tally how often they’ve come through with personal favors?