What happens when two liberal comedians eat “way too many weed cookies,” put on their Young Republican suits, and then go to a taping of Mike Huckabee’s show “Huckabee” on Fox News? Hilarity, as seen above in a video from TBS’ The Pete Holmes Show.

Among the revelations uncovered by Joe Mande (in glasses) and Noah Garfinkel of Upright Citizens Brigade: One wall of the “Huckabee” studio is a giant mirror to make the audience appear larger. Too bad that trick doesn’t work on radio, as Huckabee announced last week that he and Cumulus Media had “mutually agreed to conclude” his daily “The Mike Huckabee Show” radio program, which debuted in April 2012. The last roundup will be on Dec. 12.


BONUS: When Garfinkel and Mande watched the show they’d attended on TV, they said they’d been carefully edited out of all footage. “We were either so high and scary looking that Fox News didn’t feel comfortable putting us on television,” said Mande, “or we were so high that we never even went to a ‘Huckabee’ taping.” Given that they’ve been letting Sarah Palin appear on Fox News for several years now, we’re putting our money on the latter.