The Arkansas Supreme Court a Pine Bluff jury verdict against Ford Motor Company today. The 2010 jury awarded the widow and estate of  Johnny Ray Washington — a Pine Bluff man who was killed in 2000 after his 1994 Ford Explorer was struck by another car — $7.15 million in damages. Plaintiffs argued that the Explorer had propensity to roll over and used tempered glass in the side windows, which made it more likely that someone would be thrown from the vehicle during a rollover. 

The case has been appealed several times previously, and the Supreme Court has remanded it back to circuit court. This time, the court affirmed the damages amount awarded by the jury, while remanding some other parts of the appeal that I don’t quite understand. 


The court was split 4 to 3 with Justices Karen Baker, Courtney Hudson Goodson and Jo Hart dissenting.