The City of Little Rock, whose cycling community has been pumped up by the Big Dam Bridge and bike trail advocates,  has  gone into the bike jersey business as a way to support the city’s bike-friendly efforts, including safety education. The strategy also helps give the city an identity as a destination for people who like to bike. Jerseys are $60 and T-shirts $40; both are available from the City’s Treasury Management Office on the first floor of City Hall, 500 W. Markham St. 

Jeremy Lewno, owner of Little Rock Bike Hike, is the city’s bicycle/pedestrian coordinator and heads up the Bike Friendly Community Committee, which is working on a master bike plan for the city. You can keep track of the committee’s work and Little Rock bike news at its website.


PS SNARK FROM MAX: Now if the mayor could just get the river trail on a decent course past the Stephens/Dillard roadblocks on Cantrell Road.