As we predicted this morning, Rep. Tom Cotton has come out against the budget deal brokered by Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Patty Murray. Here’s a statement released this afternoon: 

This budget deal busts the spending caps that took effect just months ago by spending billions now in exchange for supposed long-term spending cuts. Arkansans are tired of the Washington ‘long-term,’ which never seems to arrive. While the budget rightly asks federal employees to contribute more to their generous pensions and restores some needed funding for our military, these modest gains come at the expense of hard-won fiscal discipline because of the unreasonable demands of President Obama and Senate Democrats. I will keep working to restrain spending and to find long-term solutions for Arkansas, just as I pledged I would.

Small relief from the sequestration cuts to promote growth in the short term, combined with long-term debt reduction…those are unreasonable demands, says Cotton. This actually isn’t all that tough of a vote for the congressman. It sounds like House Speaker John Boehner, Ryan, and the rest of the GOP leadership are planning to ignore Tea Party shouting and proceed with this deal and they likely have the votes in any case — so Cotton can enjoy a painless and symbolic “no” vote here. Unlike in a shutdown scenario, there probably isn’t much to lose for Cotton being part of the kamikaze rump crying foul that they didn’t get each and every thing conservatives desire.