Deputy Prosecutor David Bercaw of Fayetteville has sent as promised the exstenive statement  Brad Choate gave to his investigators in the review of the financial deficit in the University of Arkansas Advancement Division that Choate once headed and allegations that UA Chancellor David Gearhart had acted to stifle full accountability of details of the issue.

Choate was denied an opportunity to give his side of events before the Legislative Audit Committee Friday, although he had been a scheduled witness. Accounts vary on how this came to pass, but UA’s influence, my sources tell me, was vital to the silencing. UA Trustee John Goodson WAS allowed to speak to say that the UA had learned a lesson and would sin no more. Choate offers several specific exceptions to Gearhart’s account of whether documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act were among the documents shredded by university employees.

 It’s the same statement he prepared for the Audit committee, a copy of which had been released Friday by Sen. Bryan King, one of those unhappy that Choate was not allowed to speak. Bercaw says his record, now open to the public, also includes notes he took relative to statements made by Choate and others. 

Update: A student of the issue informs me there a number of differences between this statement and the version King released. More when I can.