The Chronicle of Higher Education has compiled a list of executive compensation at the country’s private colleges and universities in 2011

The Arkansas payroll (before a change of leadership at Hendrix College, for one) ranks by total compensation (base pay plus perks such as deferred compensation in retirement benefits and the like) and also ranks them in pay per $1 million in total expenditures by the college.


Rick D. Niece, University of the Ozarks: $362,573 or $19,212 per $1 million in college expenditures.

J. Timothy Cloyd, Hendrix College, $359,987 or $6,996


Charles Pollard, John Brown University, $297,543 or $7,257

David B. Burks, Harding University, $270,605 or $2,641


Donald V. Weatherman, Lyon College, $260,436 or $15,213

Rex M. Horne Jr., Ouachita Baptist University, $250,612 or  $6,607

Burks of Harding appears to be the runaway value-priced leader, with Niece and Weatherman leading the way on presidential costs as a percentage of overall costs. PS — Arkansas Business calls my attention to the fact that Niece retired a few months ago.

At base pay of $325,000, only Cloyd — to give you some ground for comparison — made more than the $279,000 earned in base pay by Brother Honky Chris Wyrick, the leader of the deficit-riddled and secretive Advancement Division at the University of Arkansas. Don’t get me started on tight end coaches.


Robert Zimmer of University of Chicago topped the list at $3.3 million. Their football team went 6-4 this year, including a big win over Carnegie Mellon.