I wrote earlier about Lt. Gov. Mark Darr’s petulant whining to state auditors after they finally caught him bilking taxpayers by expense claims to which he was not entitled.

Blue Hog Report, whose careful attention to Darr’s profligate ways alerted both the Legislative Audit Division and the state Ethics Commission to Darr’s improper practices, had earlier requested the working papers of the audit. He has generously shared several of the key documents.


 It recounts a call between Darr and a member of the audit staff. Darr complains about the attention and claims the Constitution — Constitution! — is screwing him by preventing him from tapping the state for driving-around money. It’s rich.

Here are some further accounts of Darr trying to get his affairs in order, including a letter that indicates he doesn’t plan to reimburse ill-gotten money until after the first of the year. Question: Can we charge him interest?


 And here’s another, from