The city of Little Rock’s district criminal court will have an amnesty program the five Frday in January to allow payment of past due fines and court costs without being arrested.

“The Little Rock District Court is serious about enforcing penalties and fines levied by the court,” said Judge Alice Lightle. “This amnesty program is an effort to get more violators to complete the obligations of their sentences including paying fines and court costs as well as clearing Failure to Appear warrants.”

Those with arrest warrants and past due fines must report to the court at 600 W. Markham between 8 and 8:45 a.. on any Friday in January to make payments. Outstanding warrants will be recalled with no additional charges. The judge noted that the court can seize income tax refunds to pay outstanding fines and costs so amnesty is a way to avoid that seizure.


How much is at issue?

A spokesman for the city said 


The total amount owed on outstanding fines and costs is $590,693 and there are 2200 Failure to Pay and Failure to Appear warrants at this time. The IT department ran a report to produce these numbers and the report dates back to 1994.